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Find flea markets near you

In Fleap you can find flea markets in your area. When opening the app, the flea markets are visible on a map. You can either choose a specific day, or the option of seeing 7 or 30 days into the future, so you have a good overview of all the awesome of flea markets and second hand stores for the coming week or month.

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Submit your own flea markets

Fleap gives you the possibility of creating your own flea markets, garage sales, car boot sales and so on. All for free! It only takes a few minutes and is shown in the app immediately. You can either choose specific days that your market is open, or enter recurring days and hours.

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Comprehensive overview of second hand shops

Fleap also shows second hand shops, thrift stores, charity shops. Fleap makes it easy for everyone to find the second hand treasures, even when there are no flea markets around on a given day.

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 Zero advertisements!

None of us likes advertisements so therefore we have made Fleap completely ad free. So you can find flea markets and second hand treasures with out being disturbed by pesky ads.

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Share markets with your friends on social media

When creating your flea market second hand store in Fleap, you get you own market page. You can easily share this page and other markets that you find in the app with your friends, family, Facebook, Instagram and so on.

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Add favorites

When you find a flea market or second hand store that should not be forgotten, you can then easily add it to your favorites list and find it at a later point.

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Fleap is 100% free with out any advertisements and can be downloaded for iOS and Android.
Click on one of the links below, and begin your hunt for second hand treasures right away!

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Find flea markets and second hand on your mobile

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For everyone who has an iPhone or Android device and loves second hand treasures

Being flea market and second hand fans, the brothers Niklas and Jonas wanted to find good flea markets. But, it was not that easy as the overview as practically non existing.

Being on the go, it was impossible for the brothers planning their hunt for second hand treasures. This is where the idea for Fleap came into existence, and the mission to create an app that makes it easy, fast and fun to find and create flea markets and second hand shops.

Fleap helps you find the second hand treasures

Our goal with Fleap is to make it the go-to-app for flea markets and second hand treasures for the whole world. To do this, we rely on our users to create their own flea markets, or the ones that they know of that does not yet exist in the app.

With Fleap by your side, you can go treasure hunting in the wild and find all the things that you can’t find online.

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Who are we?

Fleap consists of 3 passionate and enthusiastic people with different backgrounds. We strive to make the best possible product, and love to hear about our users success stories and what they find when going second hand treasure hunting.

  • Profil af Christian Sjøgreen
    Christian Sjøgreen

    Developer & Co-founder

  • Profil af Jonas Priesum
    Jonas Priesum

    Designer & Co-founder

  • Profil af Niklas Priesum
    Niklas Priesum

Got something on your mind? Feel free to contact us.

Got suggestions for Fleap, did you find a bug og do you just want to ask us a question?
Then feel free to contact us and we will get back to you as soon as possible.